This part-time role is an exciting opportunity to be part of the early team at Alune, fresh out of a world class accelerator programme. You’ll have the chance to guide and direct the success of Alune’s shrimp farming projects.

Alune has clearly defined environmental and social impact goals, be part of an Aquaculture founded on the principle that only with truly sustainable aquaculture, will we feed the world.

As an Aquaculture expert you’ll be given the opportunity to apply your learnings to a broad range of shrimp aquaculture projects, ranging from the improvement of existing systems to the development of novel and innovative systems and protocols.

Between our governmental, NGO, technology and other strategic partners you’ll be immersed with a range of stakeholders to create value and opportunities in-line with Alune’s long term vision.


You’ll divide your time between advising (inputting into existing and new projects) and networking (improving and forming relationships on behalf of Alune in academic and aquaculture expert circles).

This role forms a key part of Alunes operations on the ground and long term vision, responsibilities include:

  • Advising Alune and Alunes project stakeholders on best practice, bringing in external parties where necessary
  • Managing and developing the relationship with other scientific experts
  • Creating new and advanced protocols for on farm management
  • Representing Alune at international conferences in Aquaculture
  • Helping to develop the long-term strategy for Alune and bring unique insights to accelerate growth.
  • Continually reviewing and advising on our social and environmental policies/ indicators


About You


  • 3+ years minimum of shrimp aquaculture experience
  • University Education, ideally Masters or PhD level in Aquaculture or related
  • Knowledge of Hatchery, Nursery and Grow out Systems
  • Capable of maintaining and developing an Aquaculture network


  • Board or Advisory member for Aquaculture organisations (NGO and otherwise)
  • Speak Bahasa Indonesia
  • Located in Indonesia or Asia

Location & Travel

You do not need to be in Indonesia, but you some travel may be required.

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About Alune

About Alune

We are a funded, young fintech-for-good company revolutionising how Aquaculture farmers fund their farms. Our smart financing solutions sustainably grow production and profit for thousands of farmers across Indonesia. We partner with shrimp farmers to support them with funding and improve the sustainability of their farms.

Our European and Indonesian team, boasts serial entrepreneurs, scientists, and world-renowned international experts and advisors.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, with demand ever increasing, the challenges of funding and sustainability continue to increase. Our clients are the thousands of shrimp farmers who continue to be failed by banks and other financial institutions, while trying to make money for their families and grow food for us. Using our mix of capital, expertise, technology and partnerships, we invest and support these farmers to grow their profit and improve sustainability.

We have developed close, national and international partnerships with, governments, NGOs, environmental groups, Aquaculture organisations and farmer associations.

Located across Indonesia with headquarters in Yogyakarta.