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The History of Aquaculture

The history of Aquaculture is grainy as most ancient beginnings are. Archaeologists think that the indigenous Gunditjmara people of Australia may have dug channels to cultivate eels roughly 8000 years ago. Images carved on tomb walls in Egypt show Egyptians storing what is thought to be Tilapia in ponds – dating back 4,000 years, around the same time, it is thought

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What is Aquaculture? The Easy Version

Aquaculture is a term that is foreign to some; others hear it mentioned in the news as it gains traction on serious issues of sustainability; many rely on it for their livelihoods. The similarity to agriculture stems from the Latin ager – cultūra meaning Field – Culture/ Growing, aqua meaning rain/water; resulting in aquaculture – The cultivation of aquatic

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What the industry is saying…

Work in Aquaculture have been very responsive to my suggestions. I’m working with them to bring the site to Vietnamese Aquaculture!

As the industry continues to grow, it’s great to see a truly aquaculture- specific site that matches employees to the requirements of today’s Aquaculturists.

I’ve worked closely with the team at Work in Aquaculture. They will take this worldwide! Good luck to you all!

Finally! Somewhere I can find jobs in Aquaculture which is simple and intuitive to use.